The Original Cocktail! Hectic 24/7 lifestyle, this is for the person on the go.


Helps hormonal imbalances, sleep regulation and increases relaxation


Supports sex drive, stamina, energy, youthful vitality. (100ml)


Reduce hunger cravings and general exhaustion while promoting weight loss.


Supports proper metabolism function, digestion issues, fatigue, stress relief and improved mood. Essential for immune function and cell protection all while giving you a boost of antioxidants.


Aids the body in building antioxidants with a double dose of immune support.


Regenerate the body while revitalizing the skin


Helps relieve minor aches and pains associated with exercise inflammation.


Great for joint relief, enhanced recovery, and cellular energy. Aids in wound healing, collagen production and inflammation relief.


Restores and refreshes. Our bodies Fountain of Youth.


Increases relaxation, protects against free radicals, aids the immune system and much more. (500ml)


That JOLT you need!


Great for those who indulge in extreme sports and competitive sports


Protects and Boosts you!


For Athletes, High Performers, Jet Laggers and Every Day on the go People.


Great for mountain hikers, climbers, mountaineering,canyoneering, skiers, snowboarders


Helps with fertility, sterility, motility; contains antioxidants that promote a healthy reproductive lifestyle.

250mg, $300 or 500mg, $600

Dependency, Anti-Aging, Neuro-Regenerative Energy Boosting and Metabolic Enhancer

$70 per ml up to 3 ml per 14 days

Great for protection against free radicals, improving motor functions, sleep quality, pre-ops & much more.


Replenish your liver while balancing vital nutrients needed.


Perfect for those recovering from exercise exhaustion, dehydration from a long night out, jet-lag, or a big test


Ideal for when under stress, anxious or exhausted to relax muscles, chill, rest, restore, improve mood


Designed to improve cognitive clarity while supporting overall brain health.