The Original Cocktail! Hectic 24/7 lifestyle, this is for the person on the go.


Helps hormonal imbalances, sleep regulation and increases relaxation


Supports sex drive, stamina, energy, youthful vitality.


Reduce hunger cravings and general exhaustion while promoting weight loss.


Immune system relief, increases strength and builds protein. Aids in growth development, absorption, and healthy bones. Cramping, bloating and hydration relief. Revitalizes hair, skin, nails


Aids the body in building antioxidants with a double dose of immune support.


Regenerate the body while revitalizing the skin


Helps relieve minor aches and pains associated with exercise inflammation.


Great for joint relief, enhanced recovery, and cellular energy. Aids in wound healing, collagen production and inflammation relief.


Increases relaxation, protects against free radicals, aids the immune system and much more.


Designed for those with hectic 24/7 lifestyles. Helps with mental energy and cognitive alertness.


Great for those who indulge in extreme sports and competitive sports


Protects against free radicals, increases relaxation, aids the immune system and promotes toxin relief.


For Athletes, High Performers, Jet Laggers and Every Day on the go People.


Great for mountain hikers, climbers, mountaineering,canyoneering, skiers, snowboarders

250mg, $325 or 500mg, $625

Dependency, Anti-Aging, Neuro-Regenerative Energy Boosting and Metabolic Enhancer

$85 per ml up to 3 ml per 14 days

Great for protection against free radicals, improving motor functions, sleep quality, pre-ops & much more.


Skin brightening, smooth muscle relaxer, mild headaches, energy, mild pigmentation issues, collagen, mood, rosacea, acne, general systemic inflammation, aging, hair, nails, skin and much more.


Immune compromised individuals with exposure to or associated with dysregulated host immune responses following viral infections.


Hydrate & enhance your skin all season long.


Replenish your liver while balancing vital nutrients needed.


Perfect for those recovering from exercise exhaustion, dehydration from a long night out, jet-lag, or a big test or competition.


Ideal for when under stress, anxious or exhausted to relax muscles, chill, rest, restore, improve mood


Designed to provide cognitive clarity while supporting overall brain health.

Vitamin Boosters

Want to boost you cocktail even more? Add-on our vitamin boosters for only $30/ml!


Oxidative stress reliever that helps
detoxify the liver & kidneys while
aiding in brain function.


Aids in Natural energy boosting
and circulation (methylated).


Building blocks for protein synthesis.


Promotes healthy skin, hair and


Functions as a natural fat burner.


Helps with movement of various
electrolytes throughout the body
and reduces hunger cravings.


Works to power endurance.


Powerful antioxidant. Works great
for natural cleaning and cell repair.


Amino acid that supports skin cell
health and regeneration.


Helps improve circulation, build
protein and improves motility.


Helps with muscle relaxation and


Improves fat metabolism,
circulation, immune support, and
energy while promoting muscle
building potential.

MIC Plus

Improves liver function, suppresses
appetite, increases metabolism,
boosts energy.

Mineral Blend

Aids in wound healing, skin
hydration, healthy hair & nails,
nerve function. Muscle Pain and/or


Necessary for natural protein and
building block of muscle formation.

Pyridoxine (B6)

Helps with mood swings, PMS and
anemia while promoting brain health.


Natural increase in metabolism and
circulation that will aid in reduction of inflammation.

Thiamine (B1)

Enhances mental attitude, focus,
energy and stress relief.


Helps reduce pain so that you
recover more comfortably and can
return to your normal daily
activities. Excludes discount.

Vitamin C

Powerful antioxidant great for
immune support and skin


Naturally strengthens the immune
system while reducing inflammation.


Used to prevent and treat nausea and vomiting. Excludes discount.